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About us

It was 2016, two friends with roots in the service industry and tech were enjoying tea together and talking about how the service industry - a multi billion pound industry - is largely untouched by technology.

We ask ourselves a simple question, why is it so difficult to hire a good cleaner? Or a trusted plumber? Or any reliable local professional?

Today, technology is transforming industries whether its travel, financial, retail but its mind boggling that hiring a local professional is still based on gut instincts, spending hours on research and phone calls, waiting indefinitely for an on-site visit by contractors - just to get the price that may not fit your budget. 

So we decided to solve the problem and created Serviceslane.com, an online destination for booking and hiring local professionals. Our mission is to offer our customers a more affordable world of services and build a new generation of high quality workforce. 

Serviceslane.com is off to a fast start with 3 service categories (Cleaning, Handyman and Laundry) and more than 40 employees - best and brightest - who are great at what they do, working hard to put our customers first.


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