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Published April 12th, 2019 by SERVICESLANE EDITORS

Serviceslane Work Standards & Regulations

 Serviceslane has been created to improve the daily lives of our customers and everything we do is rooted in our strong core values. We guarantee every job. Every job. We work hard to source reliable professionals and then build tools and systems to make them even more reliable. Whether you want your apartment cleaned or entire kitchen replaced, we hold ourselves to ultimate standards of doing the right thing.

Serviceslane.com holds service professionals accountable for the job they say they'll do so that you can hire with confidence. Reputation and Accountability being cultural pillars for us and the reason why many people choose to work with us

To maintain our high standards we have created a set stringent working standards and hiring processes that we'd like to share with you.

1. Serviceslane.com is invitation-only for our Service providers. No one pays to join, pay to change a review, or pay to be promoted.

2. Each service provider must complete a multi-step vetting process, including a phone interview, criminal background check, customer references check, check licenses and finally, a face-to-face interview with our team. 

3. We monitor every project. Our customer service team checks in on every project to ensure every message gets a response and every project meets your expectations.

4. We enforce real consequences. Serviceslane.com creates real accountability as follows:

  • -If a service provider doesn’t show up and doesn’t message at least an hour beforehand, we suspend them from our platform.

  • -If a service provider is slow or unresponsive, they are deactivated until they improve while they are coached by our team. 

  • -If a service provider does shoddy work, we ensure they pay your refund.

  • -If a service provider is unprofessional, we suspend them from our platform.

  • -If a service provider is repeatedly unreliable, we end our partnership with them.

5. Twice a month, we have conversations with all our professionals to hear what’s going smoothly with our services and what’s not. We learn how to best help them sustainably grow their businesses. In turn, this improves the overall experience for our customers.


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