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Published April 12th, 2019 by SERVICESLANE EDITORS

Implications of Advanced technology 

With the radical growth in advanced technology, there will be unfathomable changes to human civilisation and ways of doing business and lifestyles will see foundational change. In a couple of decades, the world we are in today will be different from the world we’ve previously experienced, all sectors of society and industries will be redefined and new business opportunities will be created.

 The development of advanced technology will deliver unprecedented gains in prosperity to everyone. However, we believe there is going to be a crisis for millions of families, because too many jobs will be displaced too quickly.

 An example of this is self driving cars. Self driving cars will dramatically reduce deaths, improve people’s productivity, reduce aggregate spending on transportation.  This will benefit all groups of people except for one group – drivers.  The top job in most advanced countries is truck driving and in 10 to 20 years, none of these jobs will exist.

 Another example is retail sales. There are 5 million retail sales jobs in the US, many of which will be displaced by the growth of e-commerce.

 Anticipating this kind of future where technology is eroding good jobs, Serviceslane.com was created and launched in 2018 to help small business owners thrive and make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone – a platform to find and hire local professionals – landscapers, painters, plumbers, cleaners, handymen, entrepreneurs who are great at what they do, thereby building local economies and stronger, safer, happier communities.

 Building a future-ready workforce is our key priority and as part of our business strategy, we are creating a Career Choice program to help people launch long-term careers in high demand industries (technicians, mechanics, service shop managers, engineers etc). This program will pay 75 percent tuition, fees and textbooks (up to £3,000) for our employees that have been working with us for more than one year.

 Our mission is to create thousands of good jobs that will last for a long time and we have a real opportunity and a pragmatic approach to make a difference.

 We further drive forward the transformations that are now occurring around the world and will keep taking on bold challenges while always being mindful of how we can contribute to the future.