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Published April 6th, 2019 by SERVICESLANE EDITORS

How we embrace technology to empower our community of professionals

Businesses are transforming because of technology. It is of course a concern that it's replacing traditional roles, but, actually, technology is one of the reasons that so many small businesses are growing so steadily.

Technology versus tradition

Technology companies are now able to provide, what were, people-led services. From accounting and HR to lead generation in a high-quality, yet cost effective way. Chipping away at the economies of scale that have made large firms efficient for so long. Online platforms and tools are effectively replacing the traditional functions of a firm.

Ultimately though, these services make it possible for people to pursue their dream of becoming their own boss without having to worry matters such as managing their bookkeeping.

Increasing customer acquisition 

At Serviceslane, our mission is to empower independent workers and small businesses by addressing their number one concern, finding enough customers. 

In other words, our job has been to build a platform and matching algorithm that delivers professionals the steady stream of customers that they need to draw a dependable income. In this way, our technology doesn’t replace workers from their jobs or drive market prices down. Instead, our technology benefits both by helping small businesses find workers, increasing options for consumers, and reducing “friction costs” by making it easier for customers and professionals to get things done. Read how we’ve made it possible to have Services on Tap here