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Published April 12th, 2019 by SERVICESLANE EDITORS

Reputation and Accountability 

How hard is it to show up on time and do the job you said you would do?

Serviceslane.com is a place to hire home service professionals who are trusted for their work. This is a platform where reputation and accountability matters.

Hire trusted service professionals

It turns out that building a company on these beliefs in home services industry is quite difficult for a lot of different and complex reasons. And because of that, most web platforms in this space avoid being accountable.

We believe, however, that homeowners should be able to hire service professionals with complete confidence. Without spending hours sifting through online reviews, the hassle of unreturned phone calls, worrying about no-shows to appointment or worry that a service provider will not do a job correctly. We hold ourselves accountable for your entire experience and hold our service providers accountable for the work they say they will do.

The Serviceslane Mission

It's true, sometimes life happens. Your service provider has equipment that breaks down or has a family emergency. That said you shouldn't have to worry about the service professional not showing up, or getting charged extra because of your postcode or if the job will meet your expectations. We are fully committed to making things work as they should. It’s our mission to make sure you can always hire confidently through Serviceslane.com. Read more about our Work Standards and Regulations here