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We are serviceslane.com

About us

Like all good stories, it started with a simple question, why is it so difficult to hire a good cleaner? Or a trusted plumber? Or any reliable local professional? 

One of the best things about living in the modern era is the accessibility and convenience of finding and buying what we want instantly. However, when it comes to local services, the exact opposite is true. Finding and hiring local professionals is still based on gut instincts, spending hours on research and phone calls, waiting indefinitely for an on-site visit by contractors - just to get the price that may not fit your budget.

So we decided to make it easier by creating Serviceslane.com, a platform that aims to help busy mums, homeowners, people with to-do lists who want some help getting things done, find and hire local professionals - landscapers, painters, plumbers, cleaners, handymen, entrepreneurs who are great at what they do. 

It's the easiest way for customers to book local services and hire local professionals online.

Serviceslane.com’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where millions of customers use our technology to find and hire local professionals thereby building local economies and stronger, safer, happier communities. 

Serviceslane.com is off to a fast start with different services categories in Berkshire with more than 40 local professionals who are great at what they do, working hard to put our customers first.

And this is just the beginning.




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